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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


i remember the night we went floating
i remember the darkness
and you saying that we
should be light
so you took my hand
and breathed magic into me
and we became stars

i remember how venus laughed
when she saw our poor excuse
for a waltz
and how you just smiled
and spun me faster and faster
and my eyes turned into galaxies
and you called them beautiful
and you called me beautiful
and we were beautiful
the night we went floating


he grinned at me from all directions
with his arms longer than his legs
longer than his smile
longer than a lifetime
upside down i am inside out
looking downside in
and all i can see is him and me
and him again
and i wonder how did i get here
and how did i not get here sooner
how did i not see his smile
all around me
and how did the sun shine
and how did we get here
i’ve forgotten
but i’m rightside up now
and all i can see is the length of his legs
his arms around me
and longer than a lifetime
in his smile

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Self-sabotage is the name of the game
Guess the number of players!
I’m placing a trip line in front of my door
and I know I’ll forget it by morning
Then the tears will be real
‘cause I won’t remember
Stringing up my own downfall

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


the crunch of one is lonely.
littering the ground
with broken bodies-

Drudgery flys upwards with each step
while gravity inevitable layers decay
atop the once-virgin-earth,
breaking it down
until it is nothing more
than essential elements:

eat, breathe, sleepdie-
crunchcrunch crunchcrunch

the crunch of one is many things-
heartbreaking in its lonliness.

The sound lingers, even in springtime,
and the sun cannot muffle
the crunchcrunch crunchcrunch

of fallen dreams.

Monday, March 05, 2007

giving up or moving on depends on how you look at it

Outside, the wind whispers,
urging and coerscing him
to forget all that he has ever known
before or since
the dirty-fingernailed days of childhood
where he was never enough
and grew into being even less
or so he'd been told
on more than one occassion

He's considered all his options
from one end
of the spectrum to the other
but still he has no clue
and no hint of an answer
so he turns to what he knows
and listens to the voice
seeping through the cracks
to find him

The wind knows it will be an easy victory,
it's seen his type before,
and knows exactly how to lure him in
and so it begins,
seductively humming a mother's lullaby,
edged with the firmness of a father's voice,
laced with a lover's promise,
and softened by a friend's gentle touch

All the things he's always wanted
merge into a song so hauntingly beautiful
that a single note seems to encapsulate
an entire universe of longing
and tears stream down his cheeks
until he can't stand it anymore
and he flings open the shutters and the doors,
letting it take him

And the wind rushes in
and holds him gently for a moment,
a brillantly singular moment,
before it quickly, or slowly
depending on your view of time,
it breaks him into a million pieces

Smaller than the eye can see.

The Arms I Choose to Lie In

sometimes, alone in the dark,
i should be afraid
but the moon oh the moon
shines so bright upon me
and softly shifts my hair
with its gentle fingers,
leaving streaks of silver
in my once ordinary strands

sometimes, alone in the dark,
i should be afraid
but the moon oh i have the moon
and it will never leave
or turn its face from me in anger
every night i wait
and every night it does not disappoint
its light lives within me
and radience smiles from my lips

for me alone it sings,
sweet pulsing notes
that whisper in my ear
the glittering nonesense of a lover,
rocking me into a sleep
where i know not want or need,
and i melt under the silken touch
that spills over my window sill

sometimes, alone in the dark
i should be afraid
but the moon oh the moon
quietly holds me, without complaint,
for as long as i'd like,

while i dream.

Grow into better while Smiling

all men are created equal the world is at our fingertips haha god speaks and i listen sweet southern comfort would you like to dance? sing to me a Close knit climbing and reaching for a foothold let's taste it I don't care what happens but laugh and it will be alright join the circle and embrace dreams and ambitions push forward steadily yearning to know more a hunger never satisfied Can i help you? you look cold here's a flower Stand back i'll take care of this i want you no matter what please don't hold back i know you can if you try to let me go first and i'll show you the way, sharp and well put together because i care to pull and stretch, but never break

just grow into better while smiling.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I leaned my cheek against the stone
but when I pulled away,
The imprint of the rock was left
and face on face it stayed.

Monday, October 16, 2006


i ache to write like you,
brilliantly fluid and full of a deeper meaning
like there’s something inside of you
that rattles around and begs to get out
and you whisper to it, "run free!"
and it does, oh it does...
farther and faster than i
could have ever imagined

back in those days
of lazy afternoons,

when fades to black was beautiful.

Monday, August 07, 2006

First Light

At 5 a.m., it seems the beach is waking.

Seagulls call to one another
and skim, glistening, over the ocean
like hard-flung pebbles,
throwing water and sunlight
upwards to merge with daybreak

Foam-topped waves dive impatiently
towards the shore,
Eager to be the first to touch,
to smooth out the marks of yesterday
and replace them, once again,
with the scuttling footprints of nature

A cloudless pearl grey stretches,
yawning from horizon to horizon,
filling the air with a warm breath
of hope and possibility…

And with the sun beginning to stir,
still blinking off sleep and the end of a dream,
it’s easy to believe that the world
has never witnessed something
so pure and beautiful in all its years

At 5 a.m., it seems believing is effortless.